Top 5 Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

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Top 5 Catering Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

Catering for significant corporate events can be a big hassle. It would help if you started planning your catering as soon as you know about your corporate event. The event setup should start immediately and cover all your bases. Here are five tips to help your next corporate event to go

Schedule First

It’s essential to know how much time you need the catering for and when setup should begin. Knowing your schedule ahead of time ensures that your corporate event runs smoothly and efficiently.

When the catering and setup times are not properly planned, it can lead to delays and disruptions during the event. Needless to say, those delays are frustrating for attendees and reflect poorly on the event organizer.

Knowing the appropriate catering and setup times also helps to ensure that all necessary arrangements have been made, such as:

  • reserving the venue
  • preparing food and drinks
  • setting up any equipment or decorations.

By taking the time to carefully plan these details, corporate event organizers in Southern California can help to create a successful and memorable event for their attendees.

How to Estimate Headcount

You will need an estimated headcount to provide a caterer that allows them to get started on menu options. Give continuous updates as your corporate event gets closer.

Always overestimate your headcount to account for last-minute attendees. If attendance numbers increase on the same day as the function, you will need to inform the caterer of the additions.

Planning for Dietary Restrictions

It is essential to have enough menu variety to meet all your guests. Since many people have dietary restrictions, you should inform your caterer of the food restrictions for specific individuals. Suppose the catering service you hire needs to know about dietary instructions before your corporate event. In that case, employees with dietary restrictions must select one of those options when they RSVP.

Special dietary considerations include

  • Vegetarian or Veganism
  • Food intolerances such as gluten for guests with celiac disease
  • Certain food allergies
  • Religious requirements like having a kosher diet

Fit the Food to the Theme

If you have a unique event theme, why not fit the food into the theme? Planning a catered menu event with a specific ethnic or international cuisine to match your theme is a great way to engage your guests and treat them to a unique catered menu experience. It is always good to have your event stand out from the traditional chicken dinners usually served at most events. Some of the most popular ethnic catering menus are Asian/Chinese/Japanese, Mexican, French, Greek, and Italian. They are not different catering event menu options, but they can also be helpful when planning a menu for people with food restrictions.

Hire a Caterer You Can Trust

Catering is vital for any corporate event. A caterer can either ruin or make a corporate event a huge success.

Hiring a catering company will help in various ways. They have a perfect selection of menus for any corporate event. They are also flexible and will change things so your corporate party can be exactly how you want it.

Then one of the biggest reasons to hire a catering company is to save time. You do not have time to deal with all the food preparations. Outsourcing all the logistics for the food is always the smartest choice.

At Command Performance Catering, we can make your corporate event something everyone will remember. We will meet your every need to where you won’t have a single worry about the catering part of your event.

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