How to Pick the Right Corporate Caterer for Your Event

a table of catered food at a corporate event

How to Pick the Right Corporate Caterer for Your Event

Corporate events require meticulous planning, and catering is a crucial part of that planning process. The right corporate caterer can elevate the entire event experience for guests. However, selecting the right caterer can be challenging, especially with many available options. This guide aims to provide practical tips and advice to help corporate event planners in Los Angeles County choose the right corporate caterer for their events.

Consider the Type of Event

Different types of corporate events have unique catering needs, and it is essential to consider these requirements when selecting a corporate caterer. For instance, breakfast meetings, cocktail receptions, and formal dinners require different menus and services. Therefore, choose a corporate caterer with experience in corporate catering for similar events.

Determine the Budget

Having a clear budget for the catering portion of the event is essential. To determine a realistic budget, consider the number of guests, type of event, and corporate catering needs. It is better to work with a corporate caterer that can provide excellent services within your budget rather than selecting one with exorbitant rates.

Research and Compare Corporate Caterers

Researching and comparing corporate caterers is crucial to select the right one for your event. Selecting a corporate caterer with a good reputation and quality corporate catering services is essential. Check their website, social media presence, and reviews to assess their services. Comparing corporate caterers and negotiating prices can help you get a better deal.

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Menu Selection for Corporate Catering

Selecting a menu that meets guests’ needs is crucial for your corporate catering’s success. When selecting the menu, it is essential to consider dietary restrictions, cultural preferences, and other factors. Collaborate with the corporate caterer to choose a menu that is appropriate for the type of event and the time of day. Make sure to taste-test the menu before finalizing it.

Communication and Collaboration for Corporate Catering

Clear communication between the corporate caterer and the event planner ensures a successful corporate catering experience. Establish a good working relationship with the corporate caterer and collaborate with them to create a seamless corporate catering experience for guests. Discuss the timeline, menu, and other requirements with the corporate caterer beforehand.


Selecting the right corporate caterer for a corporate event is crucial to ensure its success. Consider the type of event, determine the budget, research and compare corporate caterers, select the menu carefully, and collaborate with the corporate caterer. By following these tips, you can choose a corporate caterer that meets your corporate catering needs and the needs of your guests. Take the time to select the right corporate caterer, and you will create a memorable and successful corporate event for all. Or, you can make things easy by working with us at Command Performance Catering. We are proven experts in catering for corporate events and so much more.