Corporate Event Catering

We Make It Easy For You

At Command Performance, we pride ourselves on our track record of delivering memorable corporate events with a sense of occasion, whether fun or formal—or a blend of both!

We understand that you have a busy schedule and limited time to devote to planning your special gathering. We start off by brainstorming together—we’ll share ideas and ask each other questions. Then once we agree on a clear vision, you can leave the details to us. We really will do all we can to make your event a success. (Trust us, we got this!)

Our Connections Are Your Connections

How do we do it? With over 30 years in business, we’ve developed an extensive network of skilled production partners that we put at your disposal. And since our creative team are born collaborators, we ensure that the sum total of the parts meets or exceeds your expectations. These resources are especially valuable when we design themed events—one of our specialties! Some past successes have included: “Road Trip,” “”light Around the World,” “Masquerade” and “Winter Wonderland.” Let us help you dream!

More Than Just Great Food

At Command Performance we excel at producing top-notch events that impress. Whether you’re planning a meeting for top executives, an employee appreciation dinner, a launch party or a year-end gala, you can count on us to manage:

  • the production arrangements
  • entertainment
  • all rentals and furnishings
  • florals and décor
  • specialty lighting
  • food and beverage (of course!)
  • and any other imaginative flourishes

We Believe In Long-Term Relationships

Our most satisfying achievements are the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients. We’re honored that they entrust us to oversee their events year after year. Some of our repeat customers include Farmers Insurance, SAGE Publications, Intuit, Skyworks, Clay Lacy Aviation, Nordstrom and The Recording Academy Grammy Events. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to the Command Performance family!

When tasked with planning a corporate event, there are many details to cover. You might ask yourself if you should hire a professional caterer. Whether your event is large or small, the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”!

Why Corporate Catering?

Food is expected and even necessary at most corporate events due. This is a positive thing for your corporation. Sharing a meal is a powerful way to build unity and foster connection among team members. During a meal, people can let their hair down a little and get to know each other more personally.

Some high-profile companies such as Google and Facebook strategically use shared meals for team building by taking it a step further. These highly successful businesses provide corporate lunch catering services to offer their employees the chance to develop personal connections and fellowship on a regular basis.

Every corporate event needs food, and catering is simply the most accessible, best, most professional way to go.

Good Food

Catering is always your best option for good food. You could order takeout, but catered food is so much better. Catered food is offered fresh and at the ideal temperature. No more cold pasta, warm cold cuts, or stale bread. Most catering services provide various options catered to your specific needs, whether that is snacks and hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches and other finger foods, boxed meals, BBQ, or fine dining. Many catering services even allow for menu customization.

Full Service

There is a lot to think about when feeding a crowd. Not only must you provide enough food, but you have to consider allergy accommodations, delivery, set-up, dishes, time management, food safety, bussing, food, and beverage replenishment, clean up, bartending, and more. This can be a massive challenge for someone not trained to entertain on a large scale without the staffing needed to manage such a large job.

Luckily, that is what caterers do best. They understand how much food is needed and take care of each detail from start to finish. They also provide the number of staff members required to get the job done right. By serving your event with professionalism and finesse, corporate caterers will ensure that your event impresses everyone in attendance.

Types of Events Perfect for Catering

Most corporate events will require some form of food. Not only will delicious food delight your guests, clients, or team, but it has come to be expected.

Awards and Galas

Awards and galas are significant events that deserve careful attention given to every detail. You want a “wow” factor for these events that only a skilled catering service can offer.

Conferences, Seminars, and Meetings

As informative and vital as conferences, seminars, and meetings are, they can be long and physically and emotionally draining. Good food is required to keep your guests happy, focused, engaged, and attentive. The right food and beverages have the unique power to take a mundane meeting or conference and turn it into a fun event.

Company Parties

Company parties are one way to show genuine appreciation for the hard work and dedication that your employees give the business day in and day out. This is a chance to wine and dine with your team members and help them feel valued. There is something about a professionally catered party that makes people feel special. Studies show that when people feel appreciated, they want to give their very best.

Customer Appreciation Parties

Your appreciation for your customers can never be overstated. They are the people who keep business rolling and your jobs secure. When you go the extra mile to show gratitude to your customers and clients, you ensure their loyalty for years to come.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are not known for their excitement, but they are important. When you provide catered food at board meetings, you ensure greater participation and engagement. As archaic as it may seem, people do show up, literally and figuratively, for just about anything, so long as there is good food.

Team Building

Team building activities are only effective when employees can relax and let go of their insecurities. If people feel anxious or uncomfortable, they will have difficulty forming connections. Good food is the key to helping people loosen up and enjoy the activities.

Corporate Event Catering FAQs

When Should I Book a Caterer for my Corporate Event?

When it comes to booking a caterer, sooner is always better. While many events can be booked six weeks before the event, some will require several months. This is especially true for holiday events, very large or lavish events, or if you are hoping to hire an unusually popular and busy caterer. The general rule of thumb is to book your caterer as soon as you know your event’s date and essential details.