Your Wedding is Important to Us

We’ll work with you one-on-one throughout the planning process. We’ll exchange ideas, address your concerns and share ways to elevate your overall concept. Our specialty is customizing your wedding menu. Start with our extensive list of food items. Add your own ideas. Mix in the expert guidance of your catering coordinator and our Executive Chef, Maya. Together we’ll create a tailored menu that’s a dynamic reflection of your personal style and taste.

Beautiful presentations are a Command Performance hallmark. Cuisine should look as good as it tastes! From the beginning, Command Performance has taken pride in our visually appealing culinary displays. Our standard tableware, glasses and serving pieces make an elegant impression; but we also offer a large selection of upgrade options, from vintage to modern, that give your reception a unique signature. What’s more, our in-house floral designer is available to design the most exquisite pieces, bringing together the entire look of your event.

Beyond the Food

If you already have a wedding planner, we would love to work with them to add your energy and character to every detail. We’d also be happy to recommend a wedding coordinator to oversee your big day. Already hired your own wedding vendors? Great! Our team loves collaborating with other pros to produce a cohesive wedding experience.

Bartenders, Our Best Kept Secret

Our Command Performance bartenders are skilled at crafting stand-out beverages for weddings. They embrace their role of making your special occasion lively and fun, and take care of your guests’ requests efficiently—and with a smile.

How To Make Your Wedding Day Special

The whole goal of your wedding feast should be to make your wedding as unique and memorable as it can be. The wedding food catering you choose is a great start to move you towards a fantastic wedding experience. Your wedding can be an incredible day that you will cherish in your memories for years to come. With the proper planning and the best wedding catering services, your wedding day will be a beautiful event that will bring you and your spouse closer together.

Wedding Catering Services

Plated Wedding Catering

If you are looking for a very fancy, formal, and high-class feeling wedding feast, plated wedding catering may be the best option for your needs. The food in this catering style tends to be plated beautifully and designed to look fabulous at the table. This type of wedding catering will create a good feeling since your guests will all be seated, and their food will be brought to them individually. The meals in this style are generally ordered in advance, then they are delivered to the table by waitstaff in courses.

A plated dinner can make your guests more comfortable and create a classy wedding experience for everyone attending your wedding. The wedding catering companies that provide a plated option for weddings also provide the waitstaff. This lets your guests chat comfortably at their table while enjoying a fantastic meal.

Wedding Buffet

If you are looking for something less formal, wedding buffet catering is a great option. Generally, a wedding buffet will consist of long tables that include all the various food options that your guests have available to them. This is often a more affordable option but can still have an exquisite feel for your guests. You can have your guests serve themselves at the buffet or have servers behind the table to help serve and give guests information about the food you have available.

You want to make sure that you choose food options that are easy to serve in this way. You may have all the food out at once or have a buffet for dinner out earlier, followed by a dessert buffet later in the evening. Either option can be an excellent fit for your wedding. Your buffet-style wedding catering service will help you figure out your menu and the best way to set up the buffet for your wedding.

Wedding Food Stations

Another take on the self-serve style of wedding catering is the wedding food stations set up. This style of wedding food will have various tables around the reception space. Each table will specialize in a particular type of food. One station may have multiple proteins for your guests, while other stations may have salads, bread, or desserts. This allows your guests to move around the reception center and choose the options they like most. There is also themed food stations like a taco station, a pasta station, or a mac & cheese bar. Wedding reception caterers will help you select the correct food categories for your station and plan for enough food for your guests.

Family Style

If you want a slightly less formal take on the plated dinner, you can have your wedding caterers set you up with family-style dining. This eating style makes it easy for your guests to enjoy each other’s company and get the food they need. In this style, large portions of food will be brought to each table, and the guests at the table will serve themselves from those dishes. This catering style is excellent for creating a friendly and comforting atmosphere for all of your guests. If you like the sound of this type of meal for your wedding, you can find a wedding caterer that will help you to meet those goals and create a comforting atmosphere for your wedding meal.


The desserts are one of the most critical parts of any wedding, and you want to make sure that you have memorable desserts. The best wedding desserts are pretty, delicious, and easy to eat. In addition to your wedding cake, you may want to have a dessert bar with various options. Cheesecake, cupcakes, and bar desserts are standard options that can be customized to the styles and flavors you like most. You can also get creative with opportunities like donuts that are a little more fun and less formal for your guests.

Wedding Bar Service

Having a bar service for your wedding can also be a great addition to your wedding reception. You have a few different options for how you want to handle the bar. Some couples choose to have an open bar, where any of their guests can have unlimited drinks throughout the night. Others choose to offer a bar but require the guests to pay for their drinks. You can also provide something between these two options by either offering each guest a certain number of drinks or a couple of signature cocktails included in your costs. In contrast, other beverages would need to be paid for by individual guests. These options can be a great fit for various types of weddings.