How to Plan a Holiday Party that Your Guests Will Talk About for Years to Come

Two women enjoying a holiday party

How to Plan a Holiday Party that Your Guests Will Talk About for Years to Come

Holiday parties are one of the best parts of the holiday season! They are something everyone looks forward to. Or at least they look forward to some free holiday catering. Even still, there are so many reasons to throw a holiday party.

Holiday parties boost the morale of everyone. Leaving the year off on a high note is refreshing, and people have their moods changed the following year. Throwing the party shows you value everyone you invite, and people will be very thankful for that.

If you are throwing a holiday party for your company, it boosts morale and the company’s culture. Your employees will love that their company is letting them have some fun. This will show them that the company values them as employees and as actual people. You can also invite clients and make them feel the same way your employees feel.

Throwing a holiday party is no easy task, though. There are many things you need to do before the party.

Lock Down the Date

The very first thing you should do is pick an actual date for the party.

It would help if you considered that people will travel around the holidays. People want to spend time with their family on and near the holiday. So you do not want to pick a date that is too close to the holidays but close enough to where everyone feels festive.

Once you have a date in mind, you will need to give everyone involved enough time to prepare. They can start including the party on their calendars so they will not be stressed about a last-minute invite. No one likes last-minute parties, and they would not show up in that case anyway.

Decide on a Type of Holiday Party

Now you will need to decide what kind of holiday party you want. Here are some of the options you could do.

Holidays Group Activity

Take everyone out for an engaging group activity like an escape room or an ice skating outing. Your location will limit your outdoor options. There is not much to do outside in December. Also, ensure that the activity you plan is inclusive to everyone or that alternative activity options are provided.

Formal Holiday Party or Gala

These events usually take place at night on a Friday or anytime you want on the weekend. Do not try and host these on a weeknight because other obligations play a significant role. This format is hosted at a rented event venue and has holiday catering.

Packaged Holiday Party

Kick back and let someone else plan your party! These holiday parties either have a predetermined format associated with the venue or are wholly prepared by a party planning service with their holiday catering.

If you are planning a holiday party for your company, here are some more options.

At-Work Holiday Party

Your company breaks from work for an extended time or wraps up early and gathers as a group at the office to celebrate. This would include food, beverages, and sometimes gift exchanges.

After-Hours Holiday Gathering

Your employees gather for dinner at an establishment, like a restaurant, after work. Renting a room in a restaurant is also a common practice.

Plan Your Budget

The essential part of these holiday parties is the budget. You will always want the most extravagant holiday party in town, but that is not the case usually. You will want to know precisely what you will spend for the party.

Here are some things you’ll want to consider when planning your budget.

  • The Venue
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Pick a Venue

Many factors go into choosing a location to host your party: cost, size, and/or entertainment. One of the more important factors is location. You will want to pick a place where it is easy to navigate. No more than 30 minutes away is best.

Make sure the venue is big enough to accommodate the number of people you have invited and their plus ones. You will also want to know what accommodations the venue will have, like a restaurant or bar.

Once you find a venue that is perfect for your party, book it as soon as possible! Finding a suitable venue that is not booked out way in advance is hard.

Don’t Forget the Food!

Food at holiday parties is a must! If you do not have your party at a restaurant, you will want to consider holiday party catering. Holiday parties are already stressful as is. You do not want to add to all the hustle and bustle by having to cook your food. Let us cater for your holiday party so you can enjoy the party you put together. Get a quote from us today!

Issue the Invitations

You should send invitations out to your guests at least three weeks before the party. Even if you think everyone at your work knows about the party, it is always good for them to have a reminder. The invitations should have all the information about the party. You can send your invitations by email, but they could get overlooked. It is best to send an electronic and paper invitation in case.

Entertainment and Activities

At last, here is the fun part of planning the holiday party. Activities and entertainment are the most enjoyable parts of the party, so you will want to have some activities in place before the party starts. Activities include charades, scavenger hunts, trivia, crafts, and more.

Your activities will be even more fun when your guests compete for prizes. These can include tech gifts, gift certificates, gift baskets, chocolates, or even paid days off.

You can also do a gift swap. Secret Santa events are always fun and can save your guests money by limiting their gift-giving to one person.

For entertainment, you can have a live band at your party. Live music always creates a fantastic atmosphere.


Holiday parties are the most joyous and memorable events of the year. From what you have read, planning a holiday party can be pretty daunting. So, get a quote from us here at Command Performance Catering. We will take on the most crucial part of every holiday party: the food! So you can worry about executing the other parts of the planning process. By following these steps and hiring us to cater for you, your holiday party will go down as one of the best your guests will ever see. Please visit our website for more information.