Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Food

a dinner table at a wedding

Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Food

When planning your wedding, you have to think about many different elements and details that can come together to make the perfect event. The food is one of the most important parts and will be essential to completing the ideal experience for you and your guests. Before you order your wedding catering, it helps to learn a little about the available options and what you should offer your guests.

Hor D’oeuvres

One option for your wedding is to focus on delicious small food options that are easy to eat on the go. These hor d’oeuvres make a great addition to a simple and elegant wedding. Many wedding catering services offer hor d’oeuvres in various packages depending on the vibe you want for your wedding and the foods you choose. In general, hor d’oeuvres are finger foods served on a napkin or with a toothpick. You can choose from various savory and sweet options that can be tailored to your guests’ dietary needs. You can also tailor your hor d’oeuvres selection to be as fancy or simple as you would like them to be. In many cases, these options are served by wait staff who will walk around while your guests mingle.


Another option is a buffet-style meal, where your guests can serve themselves. This option is best when you want a casual and intimate feel with your guests. Think about the kind of event you want your wedding to be and who will be invited. If you think the visual feel makes the most sense for the crowd you are serving; a buffet will help you to reach your goals and cultivate the right atmosphere. Wedding buffet catering services will ensure that your buffet stays clean and stocked for your guests throughout the event.

Plated Options

If you want your wedding to feel a bit more formal, plated options can be a better fit for the needs of your guests. In this type of catering scenario, your guests will be served plated dishes at their tables. This is also a great choice if you want the event to be more stationary. And, while people sit at their tables, you can have an easier time visiting various guests throughout the evening. Wedding catering companies will provide you with a variety of menus that you can choose from for your wedding. Then you can offer your guest multiple options or choose a limited menu tailored to your personal preferences.

Dessert Table

Many weddings have a dessert table their guests can visit to pick up dessert after the meal. This table may have variations on the same kind of dish or a wide variety of desserts for your guests. You may also include a candy selection to make things even more fun. As you look for the right wedding catering experience, you will find wedding catering packages with prices that can help you to make the right decision. Some people choose to have the desserts catered separately, depending on what they are looking for at the dessert table.

The Rehearsal Dinner

In addition to catering the wedding and reception, you may also need to cater your rehearsal dinner. This dinner is an opportunity for you to build excitement for your wedding, spend time with your close friends and relatives, and enjoy a meal together. Usually, the rehearsal dinner includes a sit-down dinner that is catered for all of the guests. Wedding reception caterers will often include rehearsal dinner catering in some of their wedding catering packages. Make sure you know that that will be included before deciding on the caterer you want.

Now that you have a better grasp of your options, you can make the perfect choices for your wedding food. With the wedding food catered to your liking, you can devise a plan that will fit the tone of your event and the needs of your guests. All of this will come together, so you do not have to worry about a thing while enjoying your wedding day. If you would like more help with catering or preparations for your special day, then please visit our website for all of your affordable, yet amazing options.