7 Ways to Make Sure Your Next Event is Fun and Memorable

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Next Event is Fun and Memorable

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Next Event is Fun and Memorable

When you host an event, you want it to be something every guest will remember. But sometimes, even with advanced planning, events fall flat. Want your next event to be truly memorable for all in attendance? These ideas will help ensure all your guests have a great time and remember your event for years to come.

Event Catering

Food can be one of the most stressful elements of event planning, particularly if you’re preparing by yourself. By paying to have your special event catered, you can remove this source of anxiety and leave the food to the experts. Without this burden, you can focus on the more enjoyable parts of event planning, like the guest list and party activities. Furthermore, when you hire a reputable event caterer for a big or small event, you can be confident that your guests will enjoy their food.

Add a Theme

Selecting a specific theme is a great way to inspire yourself when planning an event. Once you’ve chosen a theme, this decision can inform all your other aesthetic choices.

For example, if you settle on an underwater theme, this opens the door to all kinds of creative ways your event can unfold. You could encourage guests to dress as their favorite sea creature or pirate and have your caterer focus on seafood dishes.

Choosing a theme gives the event a direction and will make your event standout.

Get Nostalgic

A little nostalgia can take any event to the next level. If you chose an underwater theme, some of your guests might remember an underwater-themed costume they wore for Halloween. As host, you could dress as the little mermaid to remind your guests of a movie from their youth. Nostalgia invokes the more joyful days of childhood, and bringing your guests back to this mental space can delight and entertain.

Photo Booth

Photo booths allow guests to document their look for posterity, and guests will delight in taking pictures with other attendees who match their style. Photo booths often come with accessories and a backdrop to give your guests the chance to be creative with costumes and poses. These photos can match the event’s overall theme and reward guests who got into the spirit of the event by dressing up. These booths print out photos immediately, so guests have a souvenir to take with them when they leave.

Contests & Prizes

Nothing spices up a gathering like a bit of competition. Contests and prizes appeal to all sorts of guests and offer an easy way for shyer attendees to get in on the fun. Depending on the nature and theme of your event, the kinds of contests and prizes you offer will vary.

For instance, continuing with our underwater theme, guests could bob for prizes in a tank or conduct a scavenger hunt with nautical clues. Whatever prizes you choose, make sure the contests feature an element of chance so that any of your guests might win. It’s always more fun when everyone has a shot.


If you have a rowdy group that likes to perform, karaoke can be a hilarious party activity. Encourage guests to sing in groups as well as solo and make sure that the audience is cheering along. A signup sheet can make the schedule of singers flow more smoothly and ensure that everyone has a chance to perform. The best part about karaoke is that beautiful and terrible singers are both entertaining in their own way.


Another fun idea is to hire a caricature artist. Good caricature artists can produce hilarious drawings very quickly, ensuring that everyone at your party has an equal chance to be mocked. Just like photos, caricatures make for a fun souvenir to remember after the event.

Hosting events can be a lot of fun, especially when they turn out just like you planned. Having a theme, activities, and hiring professionals to assist in the execution ensures that everyone in attendance has a blast, especially you!