5 Holiday Themes for Your Next Catered Company Party

people holding champagne glasses celebrating together at a party

5 Holiday Themes for Your Next Catered Company Party

The holidays are a magical time of year; however, they can also be a source of conflict and stress for many people. Shared holiday experiences between family, friends, and coworkers can create many fond memories, but it is impossible to cater to everyone’s traditions and individual tastes. Avoid the confusion this year by choosing a catered holiday party with a theme.

A theme isn’t just about the decor; it’s a unifying idea that takes the guesswork out of planning a holiday party. On top of that, it allows you to focus on the most important thing, namely the people attending the party. Continue reading to learn about five different themes you can use for your next catered company party this holiday season.

Traditional Turkey Dinner

Among the iconic holiday meals, none can compare with the traditional turkey dinner. Turkey dinners are a feast for the eyes as much as they are for people’s stomachs. The festive fall colors on the table points to the harvest season. If you decide to do a turkey dinner theme, keep in mind that it will come with a heavy price. Excluding the cost of the food itself, the time required to prep, cook, and clean up after a Thanksgiving-sized meal also adds up. With a traditional turkey dinner as the theme of your catered holiday party, you can enjoy all of the memories without dealing with any of the mess.

You can make any company party feel like a family get-together by incorporating the sights and sounds of Thanksgiving. A cornucopia can act as the centerpiece of any spread. Fall leaves, whether they be real or artificial, bring a pop of color around the entrances and exits. Finally, footballs, sports memorabilia, or even a game playing quietly in the background can invite the spirit of the season and make the space feel homey. No matter how you put it together, holiday catering with a traditional turkey dinner is sure to be an unforgettable event.

Movie Marathon

A catered movie marathon will have your guests on the edge of their seats. Whether you serve loaded nachos, pizza, or chicken wings, you can create a movie night that is sure to be an unforgettable blockbuster event. Set the scene by covering the walls with classic Christmas movie posters such as Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Get even more creative by putting the menu on a scrolling marquee.

Bring the big screen to your corporate event by setting up comfy chairs, and playing Christmas movies on a projector. Once your guests are ready to socialize, break out the trivia questions and find out the real film buffs in your group. A movie marathon complete with holiday party catering is sure to be a winner for your office.

Christmas Pajama Party

Everyone’s been to a Christmas party, but when was the last time you had a Christmas pajama party? Bring the wonder and excitement of the night before Christmas through a child’s eyes with this fun theme. String up a bunch of twinkling lights throughout the room, add a dusting of “frost” on the windows, set up a majestic Christmas tree, and play the faint sound of sleigh bells in the distance to help bring this magical night to life. One of our holiday catering packages is sure to fit the bill for this company party.

White Elephant or Secret Santa

White elephant is a game where everyone brings an anonymous wrapped to share. Most of the time, these gifts are random, amusing, impractical, and obscure, making it all the more interesting once you discover what’s inside. Have everyone gather in a circle with all the gifts in one pile. The game begins by either picking numbers or drawing names out of a hat. The first person opens a gift, then the next person can decide to steal that gift, or pick an unwrapped gift to see what’s inside. During the game, the entertainment factor and excitement comes from people stealing each other’s gifts. The goal is to try and walk away with the “best” white elephant gift, so the game can get competitive at times.

If white elephant would rile up your coworkers too much, secret Santa may be just the trick to bring about the Christmas spirit. Each person has a different secret Santa assigned to them, then the secret Santa has to come up with a gift for their person. It is best to set a price limit and encourage everyone to be as thoughtful as possible when getting a gift because the secret Santas will eventually reveal themselves. Having holiday party catering at a white elephant or secret Santa Christmas party will create an even more inviting feeling to the event because people often bond over food.

Christmas Cookie Station

Vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin, and cinnamon; the smell of Christmas cookies fills a room, unlike any other treat. A Christmas sugar cookie station is an ideal way to bring sweets into the mix. It allows everyone to get creative and decorate plain cookies with delicious frosting and sprinkles. You could continue the fun by doing a gingerbread house contest. Stock your stations with graham crackers, frosting, and candy decorations and divide everyone into teams to see who makes the best gingerbread house. Combining a fun Christmas cookie theme with holiday meal catering is sure to take your office party to the next level.


Whether you’re reminiscing over old holiday traditions or creating new ones, Command Performance Catering is here for you. Call us today so we can make your catered Christmas party come to life.